Tech Transactions

IP Licenses & Other IP Services

What You Need To Know

Tech Transactions range from NDAs (confidentiality agreements) through complex Development and Manufacturing Agreements, from various kinds of License Agreement through Master Service Agreements (MSAs) and Statements of Work (SOWs).

Early-stage startups have more tech transactions than you might think:

If you need to license a third party’s intellectual property (IP) in order to develop your own product, that’s a tech transaction;

Every time you sell or license your product or perform a service, that’s another tech transaction; and

Even engaging contractors and hiring employees are tech transactions in their own way.

And later-stage startups and public companies have a constant stream of tech transactions, almost every time they do business. Most become routine, like the Terms and Conditions included with an invoice, but there are always some which need thought.

From simple customizing through the creation of a new template to complex one-off strategic partner deals, I have done them all.

Tech Transactions are the bread and butter legal work for many companies, including tech start-ups.

My services are priced so as to enable you to afford to have your bread and butter work done properly.